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Part four:

Talk about a school of hard knocks. I tell you -- life will teach you a thing or two!

So did you feast on the food for thought in the last chapter?

I left off talking about you writing your own script to be played back to "you" by the character you allowed in your space – remember?

It became as apparent as a glass window to me that the wolf in sheep’s clothing that had entered my space had definitely gotten my number and played my open book back to me; in a most inconspicuous manner. The question is: why hadn't I seen the inconspicuous; shouldn't it have been obvious to me?

There was no light bulbs that went off; no warning signs talert me. The wolf appeared to be a sheep and conducted his self like one; until I had fallen into its trap. My emotions had been stroked to the point of being oblivious to the entrapment. When the sheep's clothing started peeling off, it was then that I became aware that a stranger was now lurking in my space

So why didn't I recognize the signs; why didn't a light bulb go off?

Come in closer, here's the scoop!

I was in my second year of college. As far as life was concerned it was difficult to tell which end was up. I met a few gents in passing and had a few episodes of puppy love; but never had I met a master of intrigue and disguise. Let me tell you – there is no way that a light bulbnot even a 100 watt light bulb could have out shone this character’s charm and intrigue; the inexperienced sheep had meet a very experienced wolf.

I sometimes sit back and say to myself, "why couldn't my parents have informed me in advance that real live monsters like wolves in sheep’s clothing existed in the world." Was I supposed to believe the horror shows that I'd seen on television? I had no idea that making the acquaintance of a monster or horror creature would actually be a likelihood along life’s path; why wasn't I prepared beforehand with a profile or a description of a wolf in sheep’s clothing’s?

If my parents could have informed me of a few red flags to be aware of, maybe I would have recognized such a character coming my way and I would have ran in the other direction. No, I don’t blame my parents for the hell that I went through, I’m just making a point; point being, that being forewarned could have saved my hide from being drug through the mudActually, knowing what I know today, it may not have helped even if my parents had informed me; I’m telling you, it’s not easy recognizing a wolf in sheep’s clothing or any monster out there that hides behind a disguise; trust me - they know the difference between a sheep and themselves; and they know all the tricks of the trade to draw you in and the right time to leap.

A master of disguise and intrigue shines like a brilliant light;  they attract the gullible; the curious; the inexperienced; the open books and those that like to be given back the scripts that they write. Masters of intrigue and disguise are highly intelligent beings; their motive and intentions are nothing more than to prey upon the innocent.

Innocence is a quality that stands out. There was a time when I wore my heart on my sleeve and predators could see me coming.

All predators don’t necessarily fall in the general category of wolves in sheep’s clothing; some predators are less experienced than others at being con artist and can be very transparent to someone with intelligence or street smarts; there are however, personality types out there that can blow your mind and crush the innocent beliefs and assumptions held regarding people.

Even though meeting a wolf in sheep’s clothing is an eye opener; I wouldn't wish the experience of meeting one on anyone; the trauma changes your entire life. The reality is that wolves in sheep's clothing live in the world right beside you. They live on face book; chat cites, or right next door.

The after effects of meeting a sheep in wolves clothing leaves you with emotions of skepticism; you become a watchful person for the rest of your life; you don’t take chances; it leaves you doubtful of trusting anyone without first doing your research and really finding out about the character that you are considering welcoming into your space.

Taking the time to learn the signs -- the red flags that alert you to a wolf in sheep’s clothing personality type, could save your life. Being informed isn't one hundred percent seal proof; however, you will be surprised at what your brain will alert you to once you have armed it with ammunition to defend yourself. 

The mind is a computer of high intelligence and once you arm it with knowledge it will give back to you what you gave it; it will be your defense mechanism.

Before going to the next chapter, I’d just like to say that monsters and wolves in sheep’s clothing aren't gender specific; they come in all genders; however, there are more females that get sucked in by male wolves in sheep clothing simple because of the nature of females; females are nurturing, swayed by emotions, trusting, willing, and open books; come on lady’s you know how we can be.

In spite of the nature of females, times have changed. There's no reason why females have to be left in the dark; stifled by emotions or play that nurturing traditional role. Light bulb!

We have all the resources we need right at our finger tips to inform us about anything we need to know; if we just use the tools.

Remaining trapped in ignorance and roles of tradition are a thing of the past; do the research and teach your children how to protect themselves from monsters, predators and wolves in sheep’s clothing; arm them with the ammunition before they venture out into the world – doing it their way.

A part of life is children growing up and finding their own path; however, before they start the venture of doing it their way, forewarn them/empower them; arm yourself with ammunition and knowledge of the types of personalities that could be living right next door to you or lurking around in your space right now.

Poop really does stink and there really are monsters and sheep in wolves clothing lurking around seeking someone innocent to devour; so watch out and be on the alert; you will detect the red flags if you have done the research and when you see the red flag find the closest exit.

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