Saturday, May 5, 2012

Part Two  Welcome back!

I used to be one of those naive characters -- a sheep that took people that entered my space at face value; never for a moment doubting that there might be an ulterior motive involved, other than – the person liked what they saw and had a sincere interest in getting to know me. Turns out, I was observed by others as being a glass house that attracted onlookers who thought it fun to throw stones at the fragile beams that supported my house of innocence.

God knows - my house got hit many times; until it came tumbling down, then my eyes were opened.     Light bulb! 

Just to set the record straight, my experience as a glass house isn't meant to incriminate every character that enters a person’s space; there are genuine personalities out there whose intentions are sincere. My point is: to walk around in the world thinking that everyone that desires to enter your space possesses the character of a genuine nature, leaves you open for a rude awakening.

There are many personality types lurking around in the world; personalities that await the opportunity to
 reveal to your itching ears what  your itching ears are eager to hear.

Let me take a moment to share my experience of allowing a character to enter my space which I assumed had a sheep like nature, but turned out to be a sheep in wolves clothing, and what the effect of that revelation had on me. 
Keep in mind that while I was out there doing it my way, nowhere in my memory banks did I recall my parents warning me about potential wolves in sheep's clothing. There is a vague memory about a shining knight on a white horse coming to rescue me someday and living happily ever after. Talk about a fairy tale; that victory has not shown up in reality yet.     Light Bulb!

When the reality hit me that I had been baited by a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the moments we shared together were not genuine, I was traumatized. Nothing in life had prepared my psyche for what I encountered.

The fantasy world that I grew up believing in, thinking that the nature of people was that of a sheep; had now become a shattered illusion.

It took many years before I was able to put the trauma behind me; it left me wondering about the types of characters still out there roaming the world.

The experience of encountering a wolf in sheep’s clothing opened my eyes to the real reality of life; it taught me to be watchful and not to think that every character encountered should be innocently allowed in my space.

The traumatic after affects left me with a myriad of questions. 
Could I ever trust anyone again?
Are all people in the world treacherous?

I had met a monster and I was now trapped inside a disillusioned psyche; wondering - where do I go from here?

What about you. Have you experienced having your psyche disillusioned?

How did you recover?

I’ll share more with you soon! Stay tuned in  for part three!


  1. Such an interesting subject! You have great insight into different "characters"

    1. It is an interesting subject, isn't it.

      I find some of the profiles amazing.

      Honestly, Heather I've simply learned from experience.

      I don't judge people by their cover, however as I get to know a person's character if a red flag alerts me to pay attention to a warning sign then, I'm going to be watchful and
      adhere to the warning;it would be foolish not to.

      Appreciate your comments!

  2. Boy, have I been there! It is tough to open yourself and take chances but I feel that I'd rather be trusting and burnt than guarded in all my relationships. I have to believe the best of people.

    1. I concur with being open, Scarlett; however, I've experienced that the best isn't in all people. I do in general give people the benefit of the doubt,I've simple learned to be watchful of signs that indicate other wise.

      Thanks for the visit and for your comments!

  3. Hi,

    Face value can play tricks from time to time, but on the whole I take people as they come: some nicer than others... ;)


  4. Hi, Francine!

    Thanks for following! Yes, some people are nicer than other's. Every soul is growing and Becoming; we are not all in the same place at the same time.

    Appreciate the visit!

  5. Betty-

    Thanks for the follow! I am now following you as well.

    Have a great day!

  6. Thank you as well, Erin!

    You have a great day also!

  7. I have, many times. Of course, I'm pretty cynical to begin with, so I guess that it was easier for me to recover, since I sort of got used to people disappointing me.

  8. Thanks for following my blog,Misha!

    I can understand where you're coming from. I don't expect people to come through for me; it's great if they do of course; however, I simply find if I don't expect it there's no disappointment.

    I try to live up to my own responsibilities and hold myself accountable - not other people!

    It is a good feeling when other people do come through!!

    If you're one of those people that comes through then that's what matters! Our own accountablility!

    Have a great day. Misha!

  9. Doesn't look like my other comment posted.

    Thanks for directing me to your new blog. Looks great.


  10. I can relate to your comments. I was once a very trusting person. Not any more. Too many people are dishonest and fake. It's nice when you meet a truly good soul!

    1. I agree, Sherry. It is nice when you meet people that desire to do no harm or wrong another human being!

      Appreciate the follow!

  11. Betty- I'm sorry you've had such a rough experience. I don't want to dismiss anything you've said above, but I would like to offer another perspective, just because I think it is in an interesting one: no one wakes up in the morning and says "how can I be a bad person today." Characters like you described may be unthinking, unaware, or just plain ignorant, but I'm sure from their prospective, they see no wrong. As a writer, I love this. What makes a villain a villain? A serial killer is a horrible monster, but what made him that way? What kinds of psychological abuse or mental illness has he endured to drive him to act this way? Just food for thought.

    Also, if you read Buddhist material, they speak to this quite often. Buddhism is based on the acknowledgement of suffering and the desire to eliminate it. One of their most basic focuses is loving kindness. This includes loving your enemies, the ones who hurt you. It sounds basically, absolutely impossible- but what they say is this: every human being on this earth has one basic desire: to be happy- and in this we are all the same.

    Anyway, that was quite a ramble, sorry for hijacking your blog! Just food for thought.

    1. I appreciate the food for thought, Kaye!

      Your points are well taken; however the point that I'm making is that regardless of the reason for why a person does harm unto another human being-the fact is, people of that nature do exist. In fact there are no human beings that I know of that aren't continuously working on "self" in order to bring about inner change!

      There is a conscious evolution taking place on the earth;however, do you think that all humans are evolving at the same rate or pace? Human beings learn soul lessons daily that cause inner change of the heart, mind and soul. Who can say where any one individual is on that continuum?

      It isn't an impossibility to encounter a human being that hasn't evolved spiritually to the degree that another human has; a human being that has not yet evolved into the light and remains in darkness. And that is my point.

      All people might have a basic desire to "be" happy; I'm not debating that fact. The fact is that "all" people aren't happy.

      Thank's for dropping by!

  12. I wish we could all just find a way to be good to each other and never deceive.

  13. Thank's for the visit!

    It's an individual choice. We can only be held accountable for our own actions.

  14. Great new blog for me to visit! Characters are what drives a story and diversity is the key to good character building, this is an interesting look at one type of character :)

    1. I appreciate your perspective, Charmaine! So gald you find the blog interesting!

  15. I try to heed the advice of "by their fruit you shall know them". I tend to be pretty trusting, but I also keep a wary eye on those around me. The older I get the more careful I become.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I adhere to that advice also, Arlee Bird! True colors do eventually reveal themselves; hopefully they are seen sooner than later!

      That's why I think it is beneficial to have that wary eye at an early age.

  16. So interesting and true. The most traumatic time for me was when I was attacked outside an ice cream store. I had always looked at the world as a wonderful, safe place and the violence of the news was far removed. One moment changed everything. I went home a different person and have never been able to go back.

  17. I understand,Heather. Really sorry that such a tragedy happen to you. Your life does indeed change forever after something like that happens to you.

    I am thankful that I no longer walk around thinking that the world is a safe place and that everyone in it has good intentions.

    Peace unto you!

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