Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ah, there you are. I thought I'd lost you.

Part three!

I stated in part two that the wolf in sheep's clothing reveals to your itching ears what it knows your itching ears are eager to hear. How does that realization come about? Read on!

Getting to know a person entails revealing information about yourself to a perfect stranger. What does that revelation generally sound like? 

It sort of sounds like this:
I think, I dislike that; I want this, I need, I believe... and on and on until you have completely opened the book entitled, “This is who I Am.”

What do you think the learner of all that knowledge is going to do with all that FYI?

Here’s my conclusion on the matter.

Knowledge is power! As a mental notebook is stored in the archives of the mind of the character that you allowed in your space, regarding all those intriguing idiosyncrasies; the two of you embark upon the adventure of setting out to oblige one another’s desires? Isn't that what people do? 

Now here’s the kicker:
After each of you endows the other with a compilation of details regarding your personalities, your personal space becomes a lot more familiar. You settle into a comfort zone assuming that you are getting to know one another.

But I ask you: Just because you've been charmed to feel comfortable by the details provide you by the character that exists in your space, does that mean that you know the character lurking in your space or does it mean that the character lurking in your space knows you and now has your number?

Think about it: if you're constantly receiving what you request from someone, aren't you going to eventually come to appreciate and think highly of the giver? Isn't the character by your side obliging you by giving back to you -- your own open book by playing the part you assigned it to play? After all you created the script. Light bulb!

You're hearing what “your" itching ears wanted to hear.

Does this drama sound too farfetched?

You’re probably saying come on, everybody’s not like that; everybody isn't out to get you or has ill gotten motives and intentions.

Well my fellow hearers. You have heard the saying "the entire world is a stage and every soul plays a part" haven’t you? 

Think not that everyone is playing the same part; think not, that everyone’s motives and intentions are the same or you shall be the fool of the “wolf in sheep's clothing” delight Light bulb!

I’m going to stop here and let you feast on what you have heard thus far.

The venture will continue! I hope you will come back to hear and consider the continuation of “What Type of Character Are You Hanging Out With?"

Stay tuned in for part four!

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