Saturday, May 5, 2012

Part Two  Welcome back!

I used to be one of those naive characters -- a sheep that took people that entered my space at face value; never for a moment doubting that there might be an ulterior motive involved, other than – the person liked what they saw and had a sincere interest in getting to know me. Turns out, I was observed by others as being a glass house that attracted onlookers who thought it fun to throw stones at the fragile beams that supported my house of innocence.

God knows - my house got hit many times; until it came tumbling down, then my eyes were opened.     Light bulb! 

Just to set the record straight, my experience as a glass house isn't meant to incriminate every character that enters a person’s space; there are genuine personalities out there whose intentions are sincere. My point is: to walk around in the world thinking that everyone that desires to enter your space possesses the character of a genuine nature, leaves you open for a rude awakening.

There are many personality types lurking around in the world; personalities that await the opportunity to
 reveal to your itching ears what  your itching ears are eager to hear.

Let me take a moment to share my experience of allowing a character to enter my space which I assumed had a sheep like nature, but turned out to be a sheep in wolves clothing, and what the effect of that revelation had on me. 
Keep in mind that while I was out there doing it my way, nowhere in my memory banks did I recall my parents warning me about potential wolves in sheep's clothing. There is a vague memory about a shining knight on a white horse coming to rescue me someday and living happily ever after. Talk about a fairy tale; that victory has not shown up in reality yet.     Light Bulb!

When the reality hit me that I had been baited by a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the moments we shared together were not genuine, I was traumatized. Nothing in life had prepared my psyche for what I encountered.

The fantasy world that I grew up believing in, thinking that the nature of people was that of a sheep; had now become a shattered illusion.

It took many years before I was able to put the trauma behind me; it left me wondering about the types of characters still out there roaming the world.

The experience of encountering a wolf in sheep’s clothing opened my eyes to the real reality of life; it taught me to be watchful and not to think that every character encountered should be innocently allowed in my space.

The traumatic after affects left me with a myriad of questions. 
Could I ever trust anyone again?
Are all people in the world treacherous?

I had met a monster and I was now trapped inside a disillusioned psyche; wondering - where do I go from here?

What about you. Have you experienced having your psyche disillusioned?

How did you recover?

I’ll share more with you soon! Stay tuned in  for part three!